Magnesium in Cartridge


Special Magic Filter give access to million of people to Magnesium Enriched water

Febraury 28th, 2018 Mannheim, Germany

The Watch Water announced on Wednesday (28th Feb, 2018) giving billions of people in the wolrd for better access to


And reduce water consumption via wasteful plastic bottles.

Watch Water aims to made safe drinking water a citizen’s right. Specially thewater with health benefits 208 billion people are demanding better access to potable water and water without Reverse Osmosis and the Best Alternative to reverse osmosis is having water quality pouring directly from your tap. Purified, Mineralized, Energized and healthy tasty water with Special Magic Filter. The Special Magic Filter turn


Into the highest Quality Natural Mineralized Water… Without the plastic bottle. What a cheat.

Water in a Bottle is aged water. It can take days even months for Bottle water to travel from Bottling companies to reach your glass and the length of the time journey takes could make the water UNSAFE. Disinfections for water treatment, like chlorine, ozone, prevent the growth of harmful microbes but they can break down over time, creating toxic by products in the bottle.

The beauty of these by products is that they are essentially

In other words, water age in any bottled water is like a Cancer Clock. Full of THMs-BPA-One Million reasons not to drink Bottle water. We are making proposals to improve access for all people by installing systems in public buildings train and bus stations, schloos and collegues and all other public spaces.

Special Magic Filter with Natural Mineralization and Carbon Catridge is effective and affordable. It turns every tap water on the earth into perfect Natural Alkali and Magnesium-Mineralized water.